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Life Coaching & Etiquette!

*Jog with the Coach: Coach M will accompany you in your jogging sessions, helping you to “workout” your life! Meditate with the Coach: Coach M will guide you in your meditation experience and help you tuning in with your inner soul… Walk & Talk to the Coach: Coach M will join you in an extended walk, will whole heartedly listen to you, and will assist you to get rid of your negative thoughts and to live a vibrant positive life! Chat with the Coach: Coach M will have lengthy talks with you, and give you practical and effective tips to get out of your negative state and to live a positive and rewarding life! Shop with the Coach: Coach M will help you visiting the stores and getting yourself the appropriate outfits and accessories which suit your image, your personality, your body shape, your skin color, and so! Cook with the Coach: Coach M will visit you at home, and help you fill your fridge with delicious yet healthy food, and will share with you her cooking skills where you can prepare few dishes for the whole week maybe! !